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Car rims are an integral asset to every vehicle. Used to support wheel balance, car rims need to be strong and sturdy in order for your vehicle to run smoothly. Aluminum Rim Services LLC specializes in rim repairs for the dents and dings on your rims. We proudly provide car rim service to those in the Jackson, MS area who want to give their wheels their personalized touch.

If your rims have undergone some wear and tear while out on the road, we can easily provide you with rim repair to get your rims back in top shape. We also administer custom rim painting for added style to your wheels. Whether you want your rims to match your car’s paint job or you want to give it a discreet all black look, we’ve got you covered!

Aluminum Rim Services LLC strives for client gratification and we hope to exceed all your expectations when it comes to quality rim service. No matter what service you require for your wheels, you can count on us to deliver exceptional assistance. Contact us today at (601) 573-6904!

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